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Prayer Requests

Dear Friends

Trust you are keeping well and safe.

2 Matters for urgent prayer requests form contacts in Africa:

Pastor James his wife and family (Burundi) are all very sick. They fear they may have poisoned in some way buy people who are against the work of The Gospel.

Pastor Thsili in Zimbabwe has suffered from a very problematic throat issue for 3 months. On top of that he now is suffering from severe headaches.

These are 2 individuals who have committed their lives to serve the LORD in difficult circumstances. I know it might sound odd to us, but they are against individuals who are witch doctors and these who use the old 'spiritualist' religions.

I received this from Jony Baroi in Bangladesh. It would be great if you could take up 1 matter each and pray for it.


Hello, Children of God and soldiers of prayer I hope you are all well and well, please pray with us.

We have some prayer request.


Keep praying for my Job, i need a good job. And Also pray for my little mentally handicapped brother. His name is Anondo.


Hello Jony, please praying for my family and child.

আশিক ( ashik )

Depressed young brother.

He is a Muslim brother, keep praying for him. drug addicted .


I praise God. Thanks every one God answer our prayer. I got a job. Please now continue praying for my family. Everyone in my family is a Hindu, only I believe in Jesus alone. Pray that my family will receive Jesus .

Sagor das sag

Hello Win Bangladesh all member & Jony Baroi please praying for me, i am going Very financial problem. Some time it’s really Hard support my family. Now i am i got a little job. Keep praying for me always. Thanks.


Praying for my family.

Liza biswas

I finished nursing, I need a job. Not getting a job yet Everyone prays that I get a job.

Moly gain

I praise our glory of God. God is good all the time. My marriage was consummated last December, so thank God. Pray for me to have a good family and to be able to hold on.


Praying for my exam result. I am waiting for it. This year i am join College.


Last December I got married. God has added a beautiful woman to my life so I thank the Lord. Pray I need a job God bless my work.

Chaina hazra

I thank and glorify the living God, who is always faithful and helpful. On December 10, I wanted to commit suicide. God has helped me and in the power of your prayers

I'm still alive. My problem is somewhat solved, keep praying. And thanks Jony. ❤️

Name hide .........

I have sexual problem many years Jony. You & your team please Keep praying for me.

Xal Badol

Sorry can't share. Don't mind.

God know the problem. He is a depressed young teenager.


Today my marriage is done, so I thank the Lord. Especially pray for this new family of mine.

Jony Baroi / myself

I praise our Almighty God. He is faithful. Thanks for your love & prayer always for me & Win Bangladesh mission work. Everyday i am learning new things. I have another only one university exam 15/1/22. Keep praying for that. And praying for my family. I have some unspoken prayer request keep praying. Thanks

Win Bangladesh 🇧🇩

At fast take our love my dear prayer partner & Christ in family, friends. God answer our prayer. Praise him. Keep praying for our 7 days mission outreach lama. It’s hilly area and danger place. God tell us to go & share the love of Jesus Christ. It’s January 17 to 24 January. We are want to go. this is very expensive For us, keep praying us.

Per - person travel cost 5000 taka

Food & others 2000 taka

Total = 7000 taka per - person. Keep praying for that everyday. We believe God is provider. We have financial problem. This is big challenge for us. Then praying for our Win Bangladesh prayer movement ( WBPM ). We are praying, you also praying for that. This 2022 - 2023 year we have many plan. We are obey in God.

We are praying for Win Bangladesh mission work monthly supporter. Keep praying for my. God know our need, Win Bangladesh need many things. Keep praying. thank you.

( Win Bangladesh)

Team leader Jony Baroi


Thank you for your willingness to pray.



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