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Prayer Requests & Ministry Updates

Dear All

I have been thinking over what we should study on Tuesdays; and wanted to let you know in advance the direction in which we shall be going.

The Subject matter will be THE ROMANCE OF REDEMPTION. A short study the The Book of Ruth. I wonder if you would be good enough to read the first chapter, in order for you are able to acquaint yourself with this wonder portion of Scripture.

Also over the last year I have enjoyed Fellowship via zoom with a Pastor in Australia. It has been a Divine Appointment that we met via linkedin last year that I can say with certainty. His Church is joining forces with another Fellowship, both Companies feeling strongly that this is the will of the LORD. I have just come off a zoom call chatting with him, and he was asking for prayer that the discussions they will face will be fruitful. Please prayer for Terry Nightingale and his family at this time.

I would ask for your continued prayers as I am still struggling with the after effects of Covid. I have very little energy, however looking forward to the Tuesday and Thursday Studies gives me something to focus on each week.

Hope to see you on Tuesday - God Willing.

Please remember to pray for Bob Halliday who lost his wife in recent days, for young Jony Baroi in Bangladesh and for Zoe Acasio a young woman serving with YWAM in The Philippines.

God Bless


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