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The Office God Gave

Late October It came to my attention that my Office (which is in the
Garden) was badly affected by dampness. Further inspection revealed
that it needed to be addressed immediately.

A young local Builder by the Name of Steven Cherry stepped in,
understood the brief perfectly and within a week the New Office was
finished. In the space of one week of hard work, the structure was up
and we were able move the 3500 books back onto the Bookshelves! I
call it ‘The Office God Gave’.

My Mum went to be with the LORD in May 2020 and she left a little
money to be used for the work of the LORD. So as the pictures show it
is something we can say was built in her memory.

Thankfully unless of a major disaster, what Is now in place will last me
till my journey is done.

Please pray for all of the work that will carried out within its walls on a
daily basis, that it will all be to the Glory of God.

(Steven Cherry’s details available on request.)

The Office God Gave : Text
The Office God Gave : Pro Gallery
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