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Personal Testimony 


On the 20th of September 1962 William and Joyce Sommerville celebrated the birth a baby son. Charlie did not keep got health as a baby , and on one occasion Doctors gave 1 hour to live. 

The believers in the Assembly that the family worshipped prayed and against all odds Charlie survived. From that day on his mum always insisted that ‘he was spared for a purpose.’

For various reasons the family left the Assembly in  Coatbridge and so for a number of years there was little spiritual input during these informative years.

In 1978 at the age of 16 he began attending Coatbridge Baptist Church and enjoyed the company of a vibrant Youth Fellowship. Despite being reasonably ‘clued up’ regarding the Bible, and generally religious Charlie had never made a commitment to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


In May 1980 Luis Palau came to Scotland and held a 2 week Evangelistic Crusade in  a nearby town. Night after night Charlie attended the meetings in the ‘big tent’ and heard The Gospel preached with power! On the 6th of May under the conviction of the Holy Spirit Charlie trusted Lord for Salvation.


Very quickly after that Charlie – against all that came naturally to him -  sensed the call to preach. As some-one who was quite withdrawn and who never sought the lime-light, this was indeed a step of ‘faith’.


The very first message he ever preached was in a Nursing Home in Coatbridge. At the end of the meeting on elderly gentleman wanted to receive  the Saviour, however having just come to faith himself, Charlie felt unsure as to how to help this dear man. That next day Charlie’s Pastor went to see Mr ‘C ‘and led him to faith in Christ! 

The ‘Calling’ was confirmed.


For the next 2 ½ decades Charlie preached in Churches all over Central Scotland.

Unfortunately Charlie went through extremely difficulty circumstances and decided to step away from all that he had held so dear, in his mind it would only be for a few weeks!


14 years later having experienced the chastening of the LORD, Charlie made his way back to all that he once held dear.  Physically broken he began to spiritually rebuild his life.

During his time away from the LORD Charlie married the Love of his life Jill.  Jill had no Church background and so the decide to attend Broxburn Baptist Church was to all the family – challenging. The welcome extended from Broxburn Baptist Church was quietly simply amazing!


Over the next few years Jill became a Christian, as did their daughter  Abbi and their son Jack. It was Charlie’s privilege of baptizing them all!


Having come back  to the LORD, Charlie went to Bible College on a Part-time basis. All of the time as he walked the fields in Uphall with his 2 dogs he promised the LORD that he would serve Him the rest of his life – as long as it didn’t include Preaching! Night after night… ‘LORD anything but preaching.’!


Charlie began preaching again and almost immediately sensed that ‘peace that passes understanding’ when you are walking in the will of the LORD.   

The LORD opened doors beyond all expectations…Northern Ireland, Romania and Ukraine…as well as all over the UK!


In 2014 Charlie was introduced to an organisation called ‘The Prophetic Witness Movement International’ which was founded by the late Dr F.B.Meyer to promote the Teaching of End-time Bible Prophecy.  Charlie was ask if he would represent the movement in Scotland a role that he still has today.


All was to change when The Covid-19 Pandemic hit the U.K. Everything Closed down…even Churches! Charlie’s diary emptied in a matter of hours; it appeared that a long period of inactivity lay ahead.

Then ZOOM came along! A platform that took Charlies’ ministry TRUTH LIVE BY MINISTRIES from a UK wide work to a WORLDWIDE  work. The 2 Bible Teaching sessions done on a Thursday (8.00p.m) and 12.00 noon on a Tuesday have people log-in from Africa, India, Nepal, Canada etc.

Charlie’s Youtube channel has 60+ recordings of all the studies and ‘the link’ to access it has been requested in 30+ Countries.


Far from being redundant during lockdown, Charlie has been 3 times busier than a normal year, and is reaching parts of the world that could never even have been dreamed about!


Charlie has preached ‘in’ Nepal…Pakistan…Kenya… Malawi… to actual Church meetings!

In Malawi for 11 weeks we have seen 36 people surrendering their lives to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


What has transpired is really beyond our understanding and comprehension. While it is an incredible joy to be part of it, one thing is certain it is ALL because God has chosen to work by this means, and so he alone must get all the Glory.  


Many years ago Charlie took the prayer of one of the great heroes of the faith Dr David Livingstone, and made it his own:


LORD send me ANYWHERE – only Go with me

Lay any BURDEN upon me  - only SUSTAIN me

SEVER ANY TIE – save that which BINDS ME TO THY Service.  


God answers prayer.            

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