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Christian Radio and Ministry update

Dear All

I wanted to share something with you that you may be interested in. Over recent months I have made contact with a Christian Radio Station based in Central Scotland. Let me give you some information concerning it.

Home Radio is a Christian Music station which is available 24/7.

It is based in Central Scotland where it provides a whole range of content for it's listeners including songs and content from Christian Artists and Churches across Scotland.

Home Radio was started by Home Church Scotland through a desire to have a Christian Radio Station present in Scotland. Home Radio is for all Churches to get involved in and help build a stronger Church in Scotland. They have a number of people from various Churches that help make Home Radio happen and want to see it provide a platform for Christians throughout Scotland.

It can be accessed far beyond the Borders of Scotland by logging in through I believe there are are listeners in the USA, It can also be accessed through the Home Radio app: Home Radio UK...and through a smart speaker.

On a more personal note I will be doing 3 daily devotionals per week ....Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please pray that these will be used to help people, encourage people and strengthen people in their faith. Some of these Devotionals will Evangelistic with regards their content. This has been a matter for prayer and we have been greatly encouraged that this opportunity has been opened up for us as a Ministry to get involved.

I would be much obliged if you could forward this info to as many people as you can, the UK is becoming increasingly intolerant of The Christian Message. Most of what comes out of our Radio Programs, Newspapers and TV's is pretty negative. Home Radio could be something that Christians can turn to for encouragement.

Can just also thank you for your continued support of the the various zoom Bible Studies - our own 2 studies and also the Lords Day evening meeting with the Folks from Kelty Evangelical Church. It is a huge source of encouragement to see you there whenever you are able.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

Every Blessing


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