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Keswick and Faith Mission Conventions

If you are not able to attend the conventions in person then here are the links to listen online.

Faith Mission Convention from Sunday 3rd to Friday 8th July at Gilmerton, Edinburgh, EH17 8QG. The Convention aims to provide a programme of accessible Bible teaching for people of all ages with a view to equipping them for daily Christian living. The main speakers are David Cook and Liam Goligher. Morning Bible readings begin at 10:30am each weekday, followed by a choice of seminars. Evening Celebrations - Sunday at 8:15 pm; weeknights at 7:30 pm. Every one is welcome. No registration is necessary.

A livestream of these meetings will be available

Keswick Convention 16th July – 3rd Aug.

All the livestream sessions will be available on the Keswick You Tube channel.

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