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New Update Win Bangladesh praise and prayer request 🙏✝️❤️🇧🇩 21/08/22


We Have some prayer request.

Hazel cristeena ( Indian )

Please praying for her, she is doing study in Ywam.

Ona mim

Hello Win Bangladesh prayer team please please please praying for my mother and our family, my mother have the upper part of his arm is broken, she cannot work with his hand. And my mother became very depressed after my father died. Our family depends on her but now she is also sick. Seeing and thinking about this, I am also getting depressed. Please remember in your prayer.

Konika voumik

Hlw all brother & sis , tnx all of you and tnx WB ( win team ) . Jony Baroi praise God, After 15 years we found my father. He is now in India and will come to Bangladesh in October. My father and mother have divorce. But my mother always saying He died but lied to me but now my mother opened up and revealed the truth to me. every time i am crying but God answer our prayer. Jony Baroi do you remember always i am saying you i have one unspoken prayer request this the prayer request. I am talk to my father now, tnx Win bd prayer team. Meet you soon... Now

Bithi tinisha ( suicidal she is a Muslim )

Sorry we are hide this things.

Keep praying her. Urgent prayer request 🙏

Israt jahan ira ( mental depressed she is a Muslim )

She have family problem, keep praying for her family.

Mi Issor

At fast take my love Win Bangladesh all member, i believe all are okay. We are praying you always. Your team doing very well. if possible coming our this places i know many drug addicted young people and some depressed people if you want talk to them. I have pray request i am trying find one job please remember in your prayer and praying for our family. God bless you.


My leg was cut, bleeding a lot, very painful leg, everyone pray for me.

Hide name ( suicidal )

I don't like anything, I don't like to talk to anyone, I don't like to eat, I sit alone all day. I don't like the light of the house. It is my decision that I will die soon. Urgent prayer request 🙏


Hello dear Win Bangladesh prayer team and jony Da please praying for my mother she have many problem, her have 5 big tumor her body , And the bones of his body became hollow. every month she need medicine, and my aunt all also sick, remember in your prayer. And i have lot of tension in mind. I request to all of you when you praying keep in touch. Thanks

Jony Baroi / Myself

Hello my dear Win people all over the world take my love, I praise God he listen our prayer. God is way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise keeper, God gave us back the land. Praise God. I have good training meeting 16 - 20 i am finished it. It's Inductive bible study. I have good fellowship church pastor and leaders. Please praying for me some time i am very confused many times Satan shows me greed and wants to weaken me financially.

i am hide this org name, they're given me job offered every month they're pay me 40,000 taka.


but it’s true i need also money for my personal needs and Win Bangladesh mission work needs. few days I am empty remember in your prayer. Thanks.

Win Bangladesh

Love & Blessing all brother and sister in Christ. we are sending you soon our Win Bangladesh praise news letter. Keep praying for all suicidal young people. Thanks

Jony Baroi

Founder of Win Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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