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Pastor Timothy Faithfully serves the LORD in Nepal

I am forwarding this for your prayer support. Pastor Timothy serves the LORD in Nepal. Please pray for him and those mentioned in this email.


Honorable Dr. Charles

Greeting in the Lord Jesus!

Thank you very much for the books you sent for me some months before. I received them today from the postal care center in Kathmandu. I have attached some photos. I will read the book now and I am very hopeful that the book will be very helpful for me.

I would like to share about Bimala Shrestha. She is a single woman of 53 years old, abandoned by her husband and has no child. She has been recently baptized in the name of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. She lives in a rented house in Kathmandu alone and has small business of selling summer clothes to survive in Kathmandu. I have shared some photos of the baptism and her clothes she sells on the street of Kathmandu.

I would like to share about Samjhana Sunar Rai. She is 30 years old with one daughter of 3 years old. Her two kidneys are failed and do not work. She is doing dialysis twice within a week in the hospital and has to pay money around 25 pound for one dialysis and she has to pay around 200 pound to the hospital in one month. She is willing to transplant her kidneys but she has not been able to transplant her kidneys due to the lack of money. She lives in one rented room only in Kathmandu with her family. I have shared some photos of Samjhana with her husband and daughter and of the hospital.

I would like to share about the tuition to the poor and weak students in our rented Church building. I am helping to learn English, Science and Mathematics to the poor and weak students of the grades 3,4 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 freely without money from Sunday to Thursday about 3 hours each day. Almost all the poor and weak students have only one rented room in Kathmandu and wants to come to learn in Church from me. I have shared some photos of the free tuition in Church. I am helping them freely without money to the poor and weak students for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will continue to pray for your safety travel, health, family, study and God opens door for ministry. We love you to see in the future for ministry in Nepal too. Our Church needs you to encourage and teach us. Please pray for Bimala and Samjhana.

Pastor Timothy.

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