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I received below email from fellow believer in Bangladesh.

I wonder if you would be good enough to take one or two of the names listed, and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you



Win Bangladesh prayer request 🇧🇩✝️👏

Hello, Children of God and soldiers of prayer I hope you are all well and well, please pray for us, we have some prayer request.


Please praying my wife, she is missing 4 days.

She goes to her sir to read, on the way back she is nowhere to be found.

Her name is Angel.


My mother will pray very sick, my mother has back pain, chest pain.

Shuvo kapali Richard

Pray for me, I have some secrets. I have a lot of mental problems sometimes

Hidoy malakar

Please praying for my family, praying me My family is looking for a girl for my marriage, God bless me.


My son working very hard please praying my son, today is feeling not well.


Keep praying me, i need a job.


Keep praying me, I'm divorced, I have a lot of problems at home, I don't feel good anymore, I'm suffering from a lack of decision.


Keep praying for National youth 3 days camp in Dhaka city.


I had covid-19, and I have recovered from your prayers, but I am a little sick now. Please pray.


I have some secret prayer request, I Can't share now, please praying me. Unspoken prayer request.


We have a great mission trip in Satkhira District and local outreach hindu area . We are going 5. Thanks Jony brother he is leading us, keep praying him and win Bangladesh. Keep praying me also, I am a Bangladesh volunteer.

Myself /Jony baroi

I have some personal secret prayer request, God know all things, now i can't share. keep praying me. Unspoken prayer request.

Win Bangladesh

God use us all the Time, praise God. our work going Very well, we are finished one mission trip, we are praying More mission trip, local outreach. please for our win Bangladesh work we need many things, we are also praying for our win Bangladesh monthly support for our work. we have no financial support, keep praying. because we are going many place , visit ministry, house, organisation, Church etc then internet Wi-Fi, video call , phone call bill , snacks, coffee food we provide and travel cost, ( bus, bike, auto van, Boat, car, rickshaw, train).

3 young people join new volunteer win Bangladesh mission work. Thanks for your prayer.

Team leader Win Bangladesh ( Jony baroi )

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