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Dear All

Two very urgent subjects for prayer...


Urgent request from Jony from Win Bangladesh...


We have very urgent prayer request

Please pray for a sister. I talked to her for 2 hours and 15 minutes today, she is very depressed . she has a big problem. I don't want to say her name or her things. It’s Secret but God know her name & her problem . she told me that if the issue was not resolved by December 10, he would commit suicide. I understood her situation today and prayed for her, Given word of God. doing counselling . please please please You will all pray too.

We want to see a big miracle. Share your friends and family. Continue praying her.

Win Bangladesh

Team leader

( Jony Baroi )



Pastor Zachary is not well. He has a tumour in his Abdominal area and is in chronic pain. Surgery is required but it is beyond his means. Please pray for that situation that God will provide a way.


Many thanks


Truth To Live By Ministries

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