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Truth To Live By Ministries Prayer Forum.

~ Please would you join in prayer for The following individuals.

# Pray for George’s daughter who does not keep the best Health due to complex issues. # Prayer for Priscilla and her family following the passing of her Nephew. Pray to for Mum and Dad as they prepare for their son’s funeral. # Please pray for Frank and his wife. They are in Uganda and his wife is pregnant and is already 2 weeks overdue. Uganda is In the midst of a lockdown so the birth will take place at home with little or no assistance. # Please pray for Nehemiah also from Uganda. He was a Pastor but has walked away from it all. His son Hermon is very concerned about Him. # Jill and I thank God for the break we had up in the Highlands. It was just what we needed and were blessed with lovely warm weather. It is good to be back and we are looking forward beginning study the Scripture with 2 new contacts. ~ A missionary group in The Philippines… And ~ a group of 10 Mormons who want understand Bible Prophecy from a Christian point of view.

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