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Win Bangladesh prayer request ❤️🙏✝️🇧🇩


prayer warrior 🙏

Happy Resurrection Day 2022

We hope all is well by the grace of God. We have some prayer request please praying for us.


Urgent prayer request

Mental depressed going Very struggling. Last few months ago trying to committed suicide. Keep praying for her problem please.


She is a nurse, doctors say she has thyroid problems, her legs are cracking day by day and her face is swollen, everyone in her family is scared. please keep praying .

Mimi gain ( win Bangladesh volunteer)

Brother jony please when you have free time calling me, i am going one problem please praying for me .


Hello Win Bangladesh family, need prayer my 2 friends they're very depressed keep praying them. they're husband & wife. Family problem.

Moni foliya

Hello Win thanks for your prayer always my family and me.

I am proud of the Lord who has kept my family well. Pray for me, I am pregnant May is my delivery time.


Jony brother how are you? Jony brother tell your prayer team i want to join bible school keep praying. And praying for my family.

Jony Baroi / Myself

Happy Resurrection Day ✝️ all

Thanks for your prayer for me. Please praying for my family, i have unspoken prayer request remember your prayer for me. God know everything. Thanks.

Win Bangladesh

Happy Resurrection Day ✝️ all. We praise our God he always helping us, guide us. We are also asking for our depressed young people, remember your prayer for them. God is our provider. He is faithful. Thanks for your love, blessing and prayer support.

Jony Baroi

Founder and Director

Win Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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