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Dear All

I have had several conversations with some of our African Pastors over the last few days, and there has been a number of urgent requests for prayer.

1) Pastor Albert In Kenya. His wife and child have both been ill this week.

2) Pastor Zachary has a Church of 21 people in Kenya, that they will be encouraged and built up in their faith. They have only 2 Bibles in the whole Church. I cannot imagine not having a Bible.

3) Please pray against the individual who is claiming to be John the Baptist and misleading some of the believers in Kenya / Uganda.

4) Pastor Timothy in Nepal has requested prayer regarding the Lockdown situation there. They are not allowed to leave their homes.

5) Please pray for more doors of opportunity open up for me to minister the truth of God's Word to many, via digital means. Currently I am doing 1 to 1 teaching with Pastors from Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Tanzania etc. All I can say is ‘to God be the Glory’!

6) Please continue to prayer for George and his family as they are all toiling under the burden of poor health.

I trust that between us we will be able to take even one or two of these requests. Prayer is powerful. ‘Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint on their knees.”

May God richly bless you.

In Christ

Charlie and Jill

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