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Dear All

Please find attached the most recent prayer letter from Bangladesh.

Jony is going out into other areas to preach the Gospel...please remember he will face opposition as he does so.

Once again would suggest you could take a couple of these issues each, I am sure the list will be covered.

Thank you so much for your Prayers.

This a young man who on fire for the LORD.


Charlie and Jill


Win Bangladesh prayer request and fundraising prayer point. 🇧🇩❤️👏✝️

Hello my dear warrior of prayer we Have prayer request


Please praying me, i am applying job, I have interview, and praying for my family.

Moly gain

Pray for my brother's daughter, she is hospitalized. Many problems with her liver.


My son was coming from Khulna in bus. Then some people made him unconscious and took his laptop, mobile, wallet from him, he had no knowledge, thank God he is alive. But his things were taken away by the robbers. My wife is very scared. Pray for our family.

Sk kajol

Keep praying me, i am going very busy time, i Have some family Issue keep praying for that.

Patrick shawan

I Have to request and and your prayer team please praying me, i am going very bad time lot of pain and struggle, i have all things but i can't talk people , i am alone always in my home laying in my bed. Bad things coming my mind. Keep praying me.


I have not yet received an answer for the Australian visa I have applied for. Please pray Jony Brother. I came to a tanning this morning. Pray, you know I can do tanning in a good way.


Pray for my eldest son, he studies from the hostel, he has exams next month, my husband goes far to work. They will pray for coming and going. May God help him. And we know we have some debt that we can pay off.


My mother-in-law is very ill, she has a lot of problems, she is getting older and older, her chest pains, her hands and feet are irritated and she will always pray especially for her.


Hey all Christian brother and sister please praying for Our local outreach November.

Pastor Monohar

Please praying for our Church building construction in India.

Alvis hazra

It’s hide unspoken prayer request, Win Bangladesh depression patient. Keep praying him. We trusting God healing Him. And keep praying for his mother, she have a stroke.

Jony Baroi / Myself

Hello Win prayer Soldier and kind people’s at fast take my Love, please

Keep praying me, i Have bible training next month 12- 13 November, it’s 2 days. And i am apply few job but not response yet. I need a job. because I need to helping my family.


Win Bangladesh

Hello brother & sister in Christ, we hope all of you well by the grace of God.

Greetings and love to each and every one of you, on behalf of Win Bangladesh.

God use us every day praise him, thanks for your prayer. We are finished our local outreach, we Are share love of Jesus Christ, mentally helping, visit different churches, counselling, hindu area, it’s very danger area, then we are given bible story book 400 children’s. We are really bless praise God. All glory to God.

Keep praying us, our next outreach November 15/11/2021 , We have some money, we need More financial support for this mission trip local outreach, it’s almost 11 hours journey in Bus. we are going Hilly Area and share love of Jesus to tribal people.

And we are praying for youth seminar please when you pray remember us. keep in prayer

We are going to hold a youth seminar centred on Christmas and we are praying for it. You too can join us in prayer. Here 150 young men and women together will glorify the Lord, praise Him, receive Bible education, praying, mental counselling, one on one. Games, fun, ice breaking, etc, have a great fellowship these young men and women from different places will join us, we need about 40,000 - 45,000 Bangladesh taka & almost $500, For this youth seminar.

Per person budget

* 1 seminar t-shirt = 100 Bangladesh taka ( $1.16 )

* 2 time snacks & lunch = 120 Bangladesh taka ( $1.40 )

* others Cost, seminar banner, gift, flower, etc = 80 Bangladesh taka ( $1)

So almost per person 300 budget Bangladesh taka ( $3. 50 )

Total one person = 100+120+80 = 300 Bangladesh taka ( $3.50 )

150 young people × 300 per person seminar cost = total

45,000 Bangladesh taka

( $525.46 )

Win Bangladesh invite all of you & Your family, friends, church join us this youth seminar. Keep praying us. We need more prayer, we Trust God provide our young seminar need. Please share your family and friends and church given your blessing, show your loving hand Win Bangladesh mission work .

Thank you

Jony Baroi

Win Bangladesh team leader

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