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Good Evening All,

Pastor Zachary has asked for prayer: he has been suffering from abdominal pain. With nothing like the NHS to fall back on his options are limited.

(The pictures from last Sunday when the Bible Where given out will be on the website soon. I had the pleasure of preaching at the service).

Please continue to pray for the youth in Bangladesh.

Pray for Pastor Karan in Pakistan. His mother went to be with the LORD last week.

We are thankful to God for doors that continue to open for teaching. This week contact has been made with believers in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, The Gambia, Ghana, Cameroon, South Korea and Fiji.

Also a Sister in the LORD in Pakistan has requested teaching for the various groups of believers - young and old.

Pray that the seed will fall on good soil.

Thank you for your prayer support, it is HUGELY appreciated


Charlie & Jill.

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