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Dear All

One or two matters for Prayer.

~ Could we pray for Mohammad Ali. This is someone that Colin has spoken to on 2 occasions at the open air preaching ministry he is involved with. Please pray that the message concerning a Loving Saviour may get through.

~ Prayer also for Magrets brother Bernd, in Germany, battling with Cancer.

~ Pray to for Jony Baroi in Bangladesh. A young man with a heart for reaching the youth in Bangladesh.

~ Could you pray: Priscilla's brother-in-laws mother passed away. Remember the family.

~ Please take just one of these listed Countries and pray that God would open up opportunities all over Africa: Angola...Swaziland...Lesotho...Central African Republic...Burundi...Togo...Benin....Gabon.

We thank God for the opportunities to provide Bibles to the LORDS People particularly in Africa. Please pray that we might be able to continue to help in this way.

Every Blessing


Dr Charlie Sommerville

Truth To Live By Ministries

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