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Prayer request - Ugandan Pastor and Boy of 5 years of age

Dear All,

I realise that the Group prayer link doesn't officially start until the19th July.

However please read the two requests below and prayer for the situation.

I as a baby of 6 months came within an hour of dying - but God worked a miracle! I BELIEVE HE CAN DO IT AGAIN.


Our son is aged 5 and has been on chemo for leukaemia which he became ill with just after his 1st birthday. It had been clear for over 3 years but unfortunately in October last year it was picked up again on tests. He had further chemo and had a stem cell transplant in Jan this year, and has spent the majority of this year in and out of hospital as he recovered. He was doing very well and was back to running around and playing but 3 weeks ago began having unexplained fevers, and 1 week ago was found to have rising levels of a virus (EBV) which was causing growths of immune cells. These growths showed up as lumps in his major organs and found to be on the left side of his brain as well, causing some brain swelling. The condition is called EBV PTLD. This has meant he is very sleepy, can be awake but barely talking or interacting, and also is ignoring the right side of his body. Since Friday he has been on steroids to reduce brain swelling, and strong treatment to combat the virus and clear the growths (rituximab).

Yesterday (Monday) the doctors felt he should have made better progress so they're concerned the treatment isn't working well enough. He's then had combination chemotherapy added to his treatment. We haven't yet seen significant improvement, nor is he getting worse.

Please pray for brain function to improve and brain swelling to reduce which would mean he would be more alert, talking more and moving around more.

Please pray the treatments can clear the virus from his body and that all the growths will shrink and disappear as they should do with this treatment.

Please pray his body will be well supported as the treatment goes on: with fluids and nutrition and avoiding any pressure sores, and for no additional complications to happen in the body or within the brain.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors on what the best treatments are and the best ways ahead as they make all the decisions for treatment.

Please also pray for his sister who hasn't been able to visit during all the hospital stays (although was allowed to come in today for an hour which is good). Pray for her to feel stability and peace amongst the worry and fear that is also present around her.

Pray for us as parents to manage all of this.


One of the Pastors whom I do 1 to 1 studies with from Uganda has asked for prayer for his family. His wife is in latter days of pregnancy. Uganda is in total lockdown, hospitals and Doctors are closed, and so the birth is not going to be an easy affair.

Pray for his 3 other children that they will be kept well.


Thank you all for your support of the Bible Studies, it has been a joy to share with you from the Word of God.

We will recommence on Tuesday 20th July 'The Armour of God' at 12 noon.

Thursday 22nd July 'The Epistle of James.'

Every Blessing


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