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Prayer requests

Dear All

I would like to ask for your prayers for a specific request. I have the family involved permission to share this with the group.

I am not able to give names, locations or even a description of what has please do not ask for specific details this is a very sensitive situation.

All I am permitted to say is this:

Pray for a family (who are Believers) whose lives have been turned upside down today, and who face a difficult future.

I cannot say any more than that. Suffice our hearts (Jill and myself) 'go out to them' at this time.

Continue to prayer for the Sloan's - a couple from Northern Ireland who are serving the people of Ukraine.

I feel a bit of a fraud asking for this considering all that is happening in the world - but with regards to myself, last week was a better week physically...this week there has been a backward trend, with regards to getting over this Virus. It's very frustrating.

Thank you for being willing to pray.



Dr Charlie Sommerville Truth To Live By Ministries

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