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Weekly group Prayer and Ministry Update

Dear All,

At the end of last night’s Bible Study there was a question asked by one of our group: Do we have a prayer link specifically for the two groups who meet Tuesdays and Thursdays? It was something that I had never thought about. However, I have been thinking about it overnight and this morning and feel that it would be a good idea.

After some thought this is how I would suggest it could work:

If you have a specific prayer request that you would like the group to make a matter for prayer:

First, text the request to me by 9.00 p.m. every Wednesday night. I will be firm here. If the request is not in by 9.00p.m. it will not be included in the Prayer Link.

Second, the Prayer Link details will then be emailed to everyone in the Group on Thursday.

Third, it would be good to keep all prayer requests within the group. Any requests should not be discussed with anyone else, either within or outside the group.

Fourth, requests should not include personal information about anyone UNLESS you have permission to do otherwise.

Fifth, prayer requests should be specific. While I believe God hears all our prayers, it is easier for others to pray if the subject matter is clear and concise.

Sixth, it would be good to hear of specific answers to prayer.

I would hope that this could be a platform where people can ask for prayer and be confident that nothing will be discussed between members of the Bible Study Group. Our role will not involve giving advice – even if we think that that might be helpful.

Since Jill and I are having a couple of weeks off 5th – 17th of July, I anticipate this commencing on 19thJuly.

Can I just say that there will be no Tuesday Study on 6th or 13th July. We will recommence on July 20th with a new theme.

However, studies on Thursday will carry on:

On July 8th Richard Salmon will be leading the Study, while on the 15th David Notman will be responsible for the proceedings. Both Richard and David are friends of mine and both are more than capable of handling / teaching the Word of God.

Well friends, as we look forward to ‘a wee break’ in the Highlands of Scotland, can I just thank you for supporting both Study Times over the last year. It has been so encouraging to see so many of you logging in. I look forward to starting two new study series when I return.

On Thursdays, God willing, we will be going through The Epistle of James. I am not sure what the Tuesday subject will be yet.

I hope that you will feel able to participate in the Truth To Live By Ministries prayer link in the days and weeks ahead.

With every blessing,

In Christ.


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