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Prayer requests and updates

Dear All

Thank you for your continued support of these zoom Bible Studies, it is very much appreciated.

Can I just remind you of the 2 pressing matters for prayer.

Rick and Noreens daughter Colleen is seriously ill and in a Diabetic Coma.

Please pray that the LORD will intervene in these circumstances and that there would be a positive outcome.


I received an email from our dear friends in Canada - Rick and Noreen: Today the news is positive. Colleen is more lucid, her Blood Sugar levels are better as is her Blood Pressure. When I worked in the hospital the there was a phrase that was used in this circumstances : 'grounds for cautious optimism.' We thank GOD for His hand in these circumstances, and indeed we praise Him for this improvement in Colleens Condition.

Please pray on that one soon Colleen may be able to join with us on the Zoom Studies as she has done in the past.


Zachary (Kenya) attended the first of 3 follow-up consultations follow his surgery last week. He is in a bit of pain but there are grounds for optimism regarding his prognosis going forward. Please pray for the family.

UPDTAE: I had a message from Zachary in Kenya requesting that he re-starts his Bible Teaching sessions next Wednesday! While I AM DELIGHTED AT HIS OPTIMISM I felt like the 'wicked stepfather' in the Panto when I answered with the words 'only if you are feeling well ands strong enough.'!


Regarding the Studies over Christmas, the plans are as follows:

Next Thursday 16th December will be our last study this year. We will pick up again - God Willing - on the 6th of January.

Regarding the Tuesday Studies

We will finish on the 21st December and recommence on the 4th of January. At that point we will commence a new study; the subject? be confirmed!

Every Blessing

Charlie & Jill

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